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NetVu Ltd Legacy software Downloads

Dedicated Micros 2nd and 3rd Generation DVRs and Video Servers contain timezone files which automatically update the
system time to coincide with seasonal timezone changes in different countries (for example BST). This removes the need
to apply daylight savings time settings manually.

Time Zone Download Options

The time reference that is used on the DVR is called UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time),
which equates to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Every image that is recorded is time stamped with this
UTC time, it is also stamped with the time offset for the time zone that the DVR has been configured
to operate in.
On playback the DVR or PC viewing client uses this time stamp and offset to show the
correct time of the recording.

There has been significant alteration to regional timezones (and the countries within them)
over the last few years. In order to ensure that the timezone files function efficiently after
Summertime 2010 comes into effect, you are advised to update the timezone files in any installed
2nd and 3rd Generation DVRs or Video Servers.

Full details of how to conduct the timezone update are included alongside the software on the
download site. A utility for updating multiple units simultaneously is available via the link at
the top of the page.

Please note that if the units' timezone files are not updated before the implementation of
Summertime 2010 (for example British Summertime) then the live display time and playback times
will show GMT and not BST. However the recorded files will still have an accurate time stamp
(using UTC), and the device will still correctly record an absolute time and remain evidentially robust.

All units manufactured since 11th November 2009 include the updated timezone files.
(Please check here to find out how you can tell when your unit was manufactured)
Please ensure you have the unit's serial number available.

If you have a Decoder or an SD, please click here to identify whether you have Browser 7 or Browser 8.

Time Zone Download files

Click here to download the update to load onto a USB drive
Click here to download the ISO to burn to CD

If you prefer, we can post you a preconfigured CD or USB stick.
All most users will need to do is insert the CD/USB and restart the unit and the update will automatically begin.
Please fill out the form on this page and we shall put one in the post.