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NetVu Ltd Legacy software Downloads

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ANPR License

Detection Tripwire

Counting Tripwire

Object Left/Removed

ANPR Cameras


Powerful Integration Tool

Extend the functionality of your NetVu connected products with bespoke programming.

Combine recording capability and a full enterprise video server within a camera..
NetVu Connected

Core Technology Platform

Embedded Analytics Hardware

Stay in control over your network bandwidth

Wide Dynamic Range Technology

Transmit recorded footage to multiple remote users irrespective of bandwidth constraints
Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imagng Technology fom Dedicated Micros

Dedicated Micros brings all the benefits of our award winning embedded DVR and Video Server products to our new easy to use Pure IP solution.
Closed IPTV

Plug and play, secure, IP video solution
3rd Party IP Camera Streams

Real-time Recoding of IP Camera Streams
Embedded OS

All Dedicated Micros DVR, Video Servers and IP Cameras have an embedded, non-PC operating system.
Virtual NVR

DM Network Video’s Virtual NVR architecture provides the ultimate “fail-safe” completely secure IP video solution, from integrated recording on the IP camera to local USB drive storage and long term archiving to a dedicated network appliance