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Our TransCoding capability, enables video recorded in a high resolution to be simultaneously reviewed at a lower resolution when transmitted over bandwidth constrained networks – without affecting the high quality of the recorded image. This could mean that an authorized security guard at a remote location could efficiently review video using a hand held device in order to enable a decision to be made about the next action, whether it be to call the law enforcement authorities or some other action relating to the site in question.

Other systems do not allow efficient remote review and force you to stream the recorded image, meaning that there is limited ability to quickly access details of a recent occurrence and make fast decisions. With the use of TransCoding, you can access recorded video quickly, review the event and take action, while still retaining the detailed recording for evidence.

Efficient playback of high resolution recordings means that you don't choke up the network with playback data therefore TransCoding is particularly beneficial where mobile devices are required.

Low bandwidth links can be used to efficiently review footage of an incident – remote sites.

Be selective about which video to review at higher resolution.

TransCoding creates another copy of the original image and changes it to lower resolution, compression and bit rate, high medium and low settings for ease of use.

Optimised remote review

Suitable for any network connection
TransCoding can adapt the recorded image stream for transmission over different networks.  LAN, WAN and Mobile networks all have different bandwidths. TransCoding adapts each and every image stream to suit the users viewing capabilities.  For example any one NetVu Connected DVR can simultaneously supply images to users connected using the high speed LAN (Local Area Network), the WAN (e.g. a remote office worker connected over ADSL) or a mobile network such as 3G.

Triple codec support
Continuing to provide our customers with choice, Dedicated Micros’ TransCoding engine supports three standard compression formats; MPEG-4, H.264 and MJPEG.

Polymorphic Streaming
The inclusion of Polymorphic streaming in our TransCoding engine enables on-the-fly changes to resolution, bit rate and compression without effecting recording and does not require the stream to be stopped and then restarted for the change to take place unlike RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

Maintain evidential quality
The transmission of transcoded images does not affect the evidential quality of the originally recorded data, which can be kept, used and exported locally for high quality reviewing.  In fact the original recorded footage can be downloaded by remote clients such as NetVu ObserVer removing the need for the user to physically visit the unit to retrieve the footage.

Remote viewing of megapixel and HD footage
Coding is perfect for the remote viewing of footage captured using megapixel or HD cameras.  Despite, the large bit rates and data files generated by these cameras TransCoding will smartly create a real-time, lower resolution stream of the recorded footage for review by a remote user.  Should the original footage be required for more detailed inspection then it can be easily downloaded.

Fit any network
Our TransCoding engine enables NetVu Connected DVRs to flexibly fit into any network topography, adapting its usage to suit the installation.

TransCoding – A Summary
  • Transmit recorded footage to multiple remote users irrespective of bandwidth constraints
  • Simultaneous transmission of MPEG-4, H.264 and MJPEG compression formats
  • Operates independently of the recording format of the DVR (MPEG-4, H.264, MJPEG)
  • TransCodings’ Polymorphic Streaming enables on-the-fly changes to resolution, bit rate and compression without stopping the stream
  • Ideal for remote viewing of megapixel and HD footage
  • Maintains the evidential quality of the original recording
Coding is available on all NetVu Connected DVRs and Video Servers including the SD Advanced, SD Excel, DS2 and EcoSense.