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Stay in control over your network bandwidth

Our MultiMode recording and streaming capability dynamically changes the video stream on the occurence of an event or other pre-determined trigger. This is in order to increase the video quality in the case of an incident, or, conversely reduce the streamed resolution if you have bandwidth constraints for example, over a cellular network.

The benefit of this feature ensures uninterrupted streaming and recording without stopping and re-starting the stream – an issue with many systems which can’t dynamically react in time to capture the critical event.

MultiMode is a critical benefit over other systems as can switch the resolution and bit rate mid stream with no interruption to the image stream either recorded or transmitted. Some systems take up to 15 seconds to close the file and start a new one, even for continuous recording, so alarm switching impractical. Our system does not stop, the stream switch is seamless – as the next new file is already there.

The inherent design of NetVu Connected recording architecture intended to ensure that the system is recording every second of the day.
The PSIA and ONVIF formats describe this capability as polymorphic streaming....and is seen as an aspirational goal – no ONVIF or PSIA cameras can do this.


  • Settable recording resolutions from 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF to QCIF

  • Settable MPEG-4 or JPEG compression recording

  • Settable PPS Recording

  • Dynamically-Switchable resolution from normal to event recording

  • Dynamically-Switchable compression MPEG-4/JPEG from normal to event recording

  • Recording Profiles per camera


Optimised Recording
MultiMode Recording gives you the ability to capture events with improved image quality and high update rates, whilst simultaneously extending the period of background recording through the use of configurable resolution settings and new compression algorithms.

Peace of mind
Mode Recording is flexible enough that captured incidents, presented in high quality JPEG images, will be sufficient to recognise subjects and use the footage for evidential purposes.

It’s no longer about ‘event only’ recording
Removing the need to only record events, MultiMode allows the unit to remain always on, recording MPEG-4 background data in case it is required. This is useful should the hours and days pre or post an event contain vital information that helps to complete the picture. The efficiency offered by MultiMode Recording means that you don’t have to resort to event only recording in order to save disk space.

Flexibility - Recording how I like, when I like
The unique ability to configure the DVR to record different cameras in different formats ensures that each installation can be tailored to fully satisfy any customer’s requirements.

Ease of use
An Installation Wizard will guide the user through the advanced features of MultiMode Recording. A library of pre-programmed profiles to cover most installations and situations is provided. Ensuring that flexibility doesn’t have to be complex.