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Dedicated Micros PowerScript application extends the functionality of NetVu Connected products by allowing installers, system integrators and users to develop powerful bespoke applications. 

This allows new levels of integration between the DVR or Video Server and other building technology systems.  PowerScript uses the Interpreted C programming language, allowing anyone with knowledge of it to write and develop applications to run on NetVu Connected DVR’s.

Utilising PowerScript, a NetVu Connected DVR can integrate into a BMS (Building Management System) or other Security Solution.  By enabling the DVR to receive data from the BMS (or other Security Solution) PowerScript provides the user with:

  • Local/remote visual confirmation of an event or system status
  • Ensures a record of the event occurring
  • Allows the user / system to manage the response effectively

    PowerScript gives installers and system integrators the ability to develop bespoke applications for their customers.  CCTV systems can be integrated into other building systems as and how the customer desires.

    For customers and end-users their system can be designed around their individual requirements creating a bespoke system that meets their specific needs.

    For installers and system integrators it offers them the capability to differentiate themselves in the market, gaining an advantage over competitors during the tendering process and generating additional revenue through the sale of applications and solutions.

    PowerScript extends the functionality of NetVu Connected DVR’s allowing them to integrate into other systems. Two examples are shown below.

    Access Control
    PowerScript can enable a NetVu Connected DVR or Video Server to interface into an Access Control solution to provide operators with visual verification of the individual wishing to gain access, for example:
    • On activation of the door by a key fob, a positioned dome camera can move to a selected preset position to cover the entrance, meanwhile the DVR can display the name of the owner of the key fob attempting to gain access on the DVR’s monitor.

    • Similarly, a deactivated key fob will generate an ‘Access Denied’ message on the DVR should someone attempt to use it. 
    Building Management – Environmental Sensor
    Utilising PowerScript, the NetVu Connected DVR can integrate into a BMS (Building Management System) to enable central control of a multitude of functions, for example:
    • Through PowerScript, the DVR can integrate into Environmental Sensors such as a Temperature Sensor.  The scripted application will allow thresholds to be set, warning operators should the temperature in a room rise too high or fall too low.  Upon the threshold alarm being raised the DVR can treat it as a ‘typical’ alarm, allowing the unit to log the incident and act accordingly (buzzer, camera preset etc.).
    This type of application could be applied to a range of BMS including temperature / wetness gauges and would be especially useful in Server rooms or Storage / Freezer rooms.

    Applications using the PowerScript capability can be written for a wide range of NetVu Connected devices including; DS2, DV-IP Server, BX2, TransVu, DV-IP Decoder, DV-IP RT and CamVu2000.